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TECNITASA  is an independent valuation company certified by the Bank of Spain.

TECNITASA was founded in 1985 by a group of independent professionals with vast knowledge of the property industry, whose aim has always been to revitalise the model of centralised valuation companies dependent on financial groups in order to create an INDEPENDENT AND PROFESSIONAL COMPANY WITH IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE OF THE LOCAL PROPERTY MARKET.

As a result, TECNITASA is now the third independent valuation company in Spain by turnover.

With more than two million valuations carried out, 47 operating centres, 350 professionals with vast industry experience and an annual turnover of more than 15 million euros, our work and prestige within the industry speaks for itself.

TECNITASA BALEARES has always strived for diversification, extending our range of services on offer while drawing on our impressive technical capacity.

What’s more, TECNITASA was the first valuation company to achieve AENOR certification across its network of operating centres and central offices, and is also a member of ATASA (Spanish Association of Valuation Companies).


TECNITASA is certified by almost all financial institutions in Spain.

Furthermore, according to the New Mortgage Law, banks are obliged to accept privately conducted valuation reports. This means that the valuation belongs to the client, who can negotiate their mortgage conditions with any institution.


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Valuation company certified by the Bank of Spain

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