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Property valuations and surveys

  • Valuation of homes and flats
  • Valuation of plots and land
  • Valuation of rural properties
  • Developments and self builds 
  • Valuation of commercial premises 
  • Valuation of industrial premises 
  • Valuation of properties of a special nature 
  • Mass valuation of properties and mortgages 
  • Economic activities: mines, petrol stations, vineyards, wineries, schools, sports complexes, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, service stations, etc.
  • Administrative concessions • Valuation of boats and punts
  • Valuation of works of art 
  • Personal property 
  • Brands and intangible assets 
  • Valuation of companies

Valuation reports

  • Valuation reports for mortgage guarantees
  • Property market-value reports
  • Valuation reports for insurance companies to cover technical provisions
  • Valuation reports to determine assets of collective property investment institutions
  • Valuation reports to determine property assets of pension funds
  • Valuation reports to determine property values for accounting purposes Expert valuation reports in legal proceedings
  • Valuation reports for non-cash contributions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuation of property portfolios and funds
  • Valuation of property portfolios of listed companies according to RICS and IVS Valuation of property investment trusts
  • Fair price valuation for expropriation purposes and preparation of valuation documents in expropriation processes
  • Administrative valuations for appeals, taxation, inheritance and transfer of assets




Property valuations and surveys

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