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Balearic Delegate:
Luis Diaz de la Fuente
T. 971 254 116
M. 626 302 043

Call us on 971 254 116 o or ask for a no-obligation quote:

Geographical coverage

TECNITASA is the leading company in terms of our number of branches.
TECNITASA BALEARES provides services in Balearic Islands and the all Spanish territory, guaranteeing total coverage, not only in the Iberian Peninsula but also in the Canarian, in addition to Ceuta and Melilla.

Thanks to its nationwide coverage, TECNITASA BALEARES guarantees in-depth knowledge of local markets and boasts qualified personnel in each region, thereby providing trusted professional services to all our clients.

TECNITASA BALEARES calso operates in Portugal and Latin America, and plans to enter further regions with a view to promoting, continuing and standardising the international development of our various Spanish and overseas clients.


Property valuations and surveys

Valuation company certified by the bank of spain

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